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Quote: Originally Posted by qsxcv View Post
this is what i'd want
no tactile feedback tho

there's also using a non-capacitive touch strip like https://www.adafruit.com/product/178
I know capacitive exists, and many other of who knows what names, it's all similar old design/techniques of sensing. Touchpads, touchscreens, touch control nothing hard to do nowadays whether the sensor is directly not even a millimeter under surface or it's under a junk of plastic.
Seems like some resistive strip sensitive to pressure for arduino.

For DIY, no idea what some existing part is out there. One will probably find many different ones to choose from. For DIY likely not cheap but then DIY electronics never are cheap.

Apple Magic Mouse it's called, seems they still make and sell it, it's the worst mouse shape ever made but it has this "SciFi" touch capability.

How it looks inside:

M$ also makes at least two: Microsoft touch mouse, ...
And HP, Logitech, ... yeah they do exist but never in any sensible shape or sensor. So the idea to use it for a scroll wheel, heck why not really, they already make whole mice with this.

Carbon fiber conductive... who cares, just coat it and if that doesn't play nice with touch features, well don't use Carbon fiber, use other fiber or inject mold it from plastic. It's not like hand laying and gluing carbon fiber in two or more layers is feasible for any mass production anyway.

Quote: Originally Posted by qsxcv View Post
8khz usb polling (yes polling is stable, laptop plots are ugly)
And this works with any stock OS or does one has to use the hacked USB driver which needs hacking with each Windows update of it? Is it possible for device makers to use above 1000Hz USB on any device (PC, phone, ...)?
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