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They talk about zero grams mouse, which is doable but good luck with accuracy as such thing would be tracking your hand, such as camera, etc. Such as VR has tracking.

Do they plan an asymmetric design which reflects the fact that middle and ring finger are longest (at least on male hands). That's where I always run out of mouse size, middle and ring finger. Some mice have that side longer but not many.
2 button mouse is fairly specific use case though, say strategy games StarCraft, ..., but not FPS games at least not for me where I do want 2 side buttons a scroll wheel with a button and I could always use more if it was well placed and usable but that's hard to do and makes little sense on a tiny mouse.

How long is the mouse?
The smallest I could hold is around 8cm length and for comfort 6+cm wide. With usable side buttons likely at least 9cm long.

Tried it with my 9.5-10cm long 5cm wide mouse, 50g.

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