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Quote: Originally Posted by shilka View Post
Return the drive there is something wrong with it dont know what but something is wrong with it, what are you using the drive for anyway? hope its not gaming
Off topic but wanted to warn you that the PSU you have is god awful and should be replaced
If you dont know what could be wrong with it, then how can you assume something IS wrong with it??.

Also i dont know why your critisizing my power supply? I didnt post in regards to that.
And why does it matter what I use MY NVMe for? I use it for windows and yes, gaming, because i play MMORPG's and it helps immensely with map loading times.

Seems like your eager to insult people.

Turns out you were wrong anyways, the hard drive is perfectly fine and ive now fixed the issue. It was a windows power setting in windows 10, 'Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\System Settings' then i unticked the 'Turn on fast start-up' which was enabled by default.

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