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Delidding gone bad after removal and glue

So as in my other thread for binning 8086Ks, I successfully delidded three CPUs. Two of them I glued right away with high temp silicone and the other one I used for a few months before disassembling and glueing.

Well, I screwed up a couple times and it took me a few attempts on this one to get the glue to hold. When I finally did get it the temps were bad, two cores 20-30 hotter than normal (back to pre delid temps). I removed, cleaned everything off and tried again. Now the temps were 100°C on those two cores instantly. Cores 4 and 5. Ok, removed again, tried without glueing. Temps better but those two cores still hotter. So I think I'm going to lap the base of the heatspreader to make more room for the glue, but those two cores are still hot even without glue.

Any ideas? Did I screw up the die somehow? I noticed when I cleaned off the conductonaut from the IHS it looked oxidized and no amount of scrubbing gets my paper towel not turning black immediately. I would lap in there but how do I lap the inside of the IHS?
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