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Quote: Originally Posted by Bun-Bun View Post
So as in my other thread for binning 8086Ks, I successfully delidded three CPUs. Two of them I glued right away with high temp silicone and the other one I used for a few months before disassembling and glueing.

Well, I screwed up a couple times and it took me a few attempts on this one to get the glue to hold. When I finally did get it the temps were bad, two cores 20-30 hotter than normal (back to pre delid temps). I removed, cleaned everything off and tried again. Now the temps were 100°C on those two cores instantly. Cores 4 and 5. Ok, removed again, tried without glueing. Temps better but those two cores still hotter. So I think I'm going to lap the base of the heatspreader to make more room for the glue, but those two cores are still hot even without glue.

Any ideas? Did I screw up the die somehow? I noticed when I cleaned off the conductonaut from the IHS it looked oxidized and no amount of scrubbing gets my paper towel not turning black immediately. I would lap in there but how do I lap the inside of the IHS?
You can sand the die with 5000 grit sandpaper to make sure there are no strange imperfections on the top of the die.
But I recommend using a relid tool to relid, making sure you remove ALL of the old intel black silicone completely, and use four very small tiny drops of the RTV in each corner of the IHS, then let it cure in the relid kit for 2 hours. That's how I do it.

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