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[Build Log] - Caselabs S3: W0RM

I am starting a new build in the Caselabs S3. This will be a long and slow one as I will be utilizing the new AMD 3950x 16 core and most likely the 2080Ti SUPER. So, as I wait for the main components to release it will be a lot of mock up and prep work.

A long story about the case. I originally ordered a black S3 from CL about 4 weeks before they announced their closure. Unfortunately, my order was never fulfilled. This caused me go from a NCASE M1 to my current build which is a custom loop inside a D-Frame Mini. I really enjoy the build, but with the Core Wars fully underway I feel like it's the right time to jump up from my quickly aging 8700K.

I never lost the urge for a CL case, but was not willing to pay a premium at the time to buy one from Ebay. Recently, one showed up locally on Craigslist and I jumped at the opportunity. It was not customized out as I would have chosen, but it was in great shape with no modifications. It was gunmetal grey with a few blemishes and no side windows. So, I had it stripped and powder coated to a carbon black. I think it looks fantastic. The only other aspect I didn't like is that it had front USB 3.0. While i like the convenience I hate the USB 3.0 cable. So, I re-positioned the CL sticker over the USB cutouts and removed the front USB. It turned out pretty well I think.

Now that CL is no more (RIP) I will be doing everything I can to NOT modify the case. I had some big plans when I originally ordered my S3, but now that parts are few and far between I want to keep it as stock as possible. I've already had to order the front flex bay 240 rad/fan mount from over seas (I'm in the US) and have it stripped and re-powder coated in carbon black to match the rest of the case. I will also be utilizing copper tubes in this build. My current build utilized acrylic, but I thought the copper would look really great and help keep the industrial look with all the fittings that will be needed.

Anyway, please stay tuned for a slow, but fun build log in the S3. I think I'll call him W0RM.
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