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Is my PSU faulty?

Hi there.

I have the following rig
i7 4790k
ASUS vii ranger (latest bios)
GTX 980 ti
Corsair ax 850 80+ gold
ADATA DDR3 2400mhz
3 ssd + 2 HDD
Corsair air 540

So my issue is that I can't switch on my pc with the power button but only when I keep switching my PSU on and off a couple of times then it goes on and everything seems fine. The psu is a bit old now. I though maybe it's a power issue going into the PSU and bought a ups to give me better power to the psu and still same issue.

Now before I fork out money on another psu I don't have another system to quickly test the PSU. I know about the paper clip test but before I go through that maybe someone had similar issues and can confirm if PSU or not. I would rather not upgrade the psu cause I can spend that money towards upgrading the rest of my system. If it's the psu then I want to upgrade to corsair AX1000. I know I don't need 1000w but I'm from South Africa and AX1000w is the only 80+ titanium psu and from the reviews the ripple is one of the best if not the best. I don't know if I should rather go for something lower like Corsair RMi/RM series or any of the other top tier rated psu that's a little bit cheaper.

Anyway hope someone can help me figure this out as I haven't changed anything really that I would think can cause the issue.

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