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Quote: Originally Posted by DiceAir View Post
I agree. I love to read some reviews that does ripple testing etc.

But the thing is I still not 100% sure if it's actually my PSU that is faulty or the motherboard.

Ok so i will never go for HEDT platform always mainstream like for example if I have to upgrade now i will go 9900k or ryzen 3800x. I have tested with a wattage meter and my current system on full load cpu and gpu use about 450w max. so typical gaming under that and that's with custom bios on my gpu and it's watercooled with nzxt g12 and corsair h75.
did you account for psu efficency? (nevermind, just say your reply)

if not than the 450 is 405 assuming 90%. i have a similar set up i7-3770K [email protected] and 980ti bios modded 1.27v/ 350 watts. with both prime95 and kombuster's fuzzy doughnut (really kombusters version of furmark) max load was ~520 watts. gaming and booting into windows ~330 watts idles at ~90 watts. i don't know about you but my rig is on more than just gaming.

maybe i'm weird but i think a psu should fit like a glove ~20% at idle and 80% max load. a 650 watt PSU is 130 to 520 watts and 325 watts for the holy grail 50% load sweet spot.

however if you really want that AX1K here is a german review and its a grea PSU.

though looking around on the newegg SA site there is a nice looking RM650i
thats half the price and has an excellent rating on jonnyguru
(again, just saw your reply - sorry about the newegg links)
if you do want to try and trouble shoot your system w/o another psu, screwing around in the bios and whatnot probably won't help much. even the "paper clip" test will only confirm the psu turns on, which you already know.

its hard to judge what is going on because, well, does it trip off or is this something that occurs when trying to start the system from a cold boot? really try by passing the power button on the case, that is what could be going flaky, if its a cold start up issue. shorting the power pins on the mobo would be the next step?

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