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Quote: Originally Posted by DNMock View Post
I'm not buying because their Ray tracing performance is unimpressive and the performance gains in general gaming seemed like they were below what previous generational performance jumps were.

Price jump was just the icing on the cake.

edit: Should point out I'm sticking with my 3440x1440 100hz monitor until 4k 120 43" HDR monitors with decent FALD come around without using compression to make it there at human prices and my Titan Xp's are more than enough for that resolution.
its funny when you think about it. Gaming is 13 years late to add Ray Tracing. Pixar started using it in Cars, which released in 2006, which means they were using the tech in the way early 2Ks... AMD bragged about it offhand during the DX9 days, then it went totally dormant until just now. RTX may be a fail for NV, but it kicked off the tech to the market, which really shows it simply wasn't happening any other way. Near fetus stage level tech, 13 years late... but hey! Now we're finally on track.

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