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Quote: Originally Posted by kbc8090 View Post
This is very impressive. What RAM is this?

Also where did you come by a X58A-OC board? Those are a rare breed.

You asked me that about half a year ago before ;D it is : The corsair rams are CMD32GX3M4A2400C11 11-13-13-31 1.65v ver.5.21 152802277189533

I have 3 of them, hunting them like a madman @ebay

@DooM3 , thanks for your post, i totally forgot to put back the new ram settings after findling around with the uncore, so the result is slightly better. I was not able to lower to 12-12 before, but some b2b cas delay adjustment sealed the deal.

I agree with you that going wild to get some 2xxx Rams is maybe not worth it, but the prices for used parts are dropping, if you are ok with 3x4gb sticks you can get them for a reasonable price. One problem is that you mostly do not know if 4gb sticks are dual ranked or single ranked (with 8gb sticks you can me most sure it is dual ranked) and single ranked is some kind of perfomance killer, i had some Avexirs OC Force 2666 Rams for my Gigabyte X58A-OC that lacks performance due single rank (but they are a nice to have with his board for the looks ;D).

What i find more problematic is that with most of the 4gb or 8gb highspeed rams (2400 or higher) the xmp profiles are not working, cause the rams are not to be build for x58, so you have to set all the sub timings manually. Even the Gskill Pis i have are not working with in triple channel with xmp and that are 2gb sticks of the x58 time.

But i think thats one point i like the plattform that much : you have so many possibilities to waste time for tweaking ;D
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