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Quote: Originally Posted by Shawnb99 View Post
Lots of people still do. Physical copies are generally better quality, anything online has been compressed to hell that it doesn't look or sound as good. Just look at the issues GOT had their too dark episode, the compression on that made that look like total crap. So i'd rather own a blu-ray and see a better picture then watch it on Netflix and have them compress it to crap just because someone else decided to use bandwidth.
This statement really doesnt relate to the gaming industry or this service as there isnt compression on files that you are running natively, at least not in the sense you are referring to. There may be a case for this argument as far as streaming services, but even then the conversation gets more difficult as a user would have to invest quite a bit in hardware to compete with streaming quality (assuming they have the bandwidth).

And "lots of people" is a generalization, some people will always prefer physical media, but those people represent a fraction of the market and are considerably less than what they were a generation ago. As it stands sales of physical media are horrid compared to years past.

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