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Quote: Originally Posted by vmatt1203 View Post
I got it last week. The titles I got it for were Metreo Exidus, GoW, Forza Horizon 4, and Crack Down. Forza's multiplayer is still broken so I cant enjoy it. Sea of Theives was fun for all of 1 hour till I realized the game has literally nothing to do but the same 3 quest over and over. Finished Crack Down. They added Prey yesterday so I can now play that. After Prey and Metro I'm going to cancel. I only paid $1 so far I have absolutly got my money worth. But christ, they need to fix the MS store. Nothing but problems downloading the games and why the hell dont they use conventional file system? Accessing and moving files is impossible with their current system.
Looks like you may have problems outside of the MS store.

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