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[Build Log] Raijintek Enyo, lots of acrylic and CNC work

Hey everyone, I haven't posted here in quite some time so I figured this is one monster of a mod so I'd share my progress. I will be using the Raijintek Enyo as a base and replacing some of the parts with acrylic. This will be a complete res/distro plate MB panel and while I really like the design of this chassis there are some major changes I will be making to add rigidity for mounting 60mm thick 480mm rads.

This build will house 2 480mm Aquacomputer Airplex Modularity radiators (top and bottom) whilst incorporating 2 separate loops for GPU and CPU (just for aesthetics obviously). The final MB choice will be the new Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Formula X570 (or whatever it ends up being. Maybe X590 by launch who knows). I already own the Intel variant Maximus XI Formula and can see many similarities between the two as far as 24pin and 8+4 pin EPS connectors. The sockets of course are laid out slightly different and as such port placement on my distro will have to wait until I get the board in hand to take measurements.

GPU tasks are taken care of via 1 Asus Strix 2080ti and of course (because I'm a sucker for EK stuff as well as ROG) all waterblocks will be EK in the Nickel/Plexi variety. The GPU will end up being mounted vertically and flat against the MB panel (utilizing a PCIe 300mm extension) as to highlight the coolant and the beautiful EK Vector Strix waterblock.

This will be a Themed build as all hardware used will be Asus ROG so colors will be red and black with silver accents. I know red is rather played out but it's kind of hard to do something ROG and not use red :-)

I have started to cut my main panels. The MB tray will be made up of 3x 1/2" (or 12mm for those not using the imperial measurement system. I wish we'd move to the metric system, but that's another post entirely.lol) and for the sake of being rather technical let's just say the panels are over 2 feet (600mm) wide and 2 feet (600mm) long!! These are huge and weigh about 25lbs or around 10kg together.

I will update this thread as often as I can. I'm in the shop every day so it should progress rather quickly. Below are pics of the case and my sheet of material for this build. This will take a massive amount of acrylic and I get a better price buying in bulk by the sheet rather than smaller pieces. Hope you enjoy it and I'll post more as the build progresses!

Oh, and did I mention this build will have ZERO tubing of any kind? Yep, new challenge, and I plan to pull it off. Lots of design and machine time but the result I feel, will be off the hook :-)
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