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That was smart of them.

If 1500RPM TY-147AQ that's on the Macho Rev C is sold separately it might make the older models with 1300RPM have an alternative fan upgrade other than going nuts with 2500RPM TY-143. There might be a TY-143B with 1800RPM max fan speed since that's on the T8.

The square framed TY-145SP looks to be a decent fan as well, unlike the older TY SQ series it has the vibration dampeners and the rubberized corners on the fan. FDB Bearing is used on it but the tip to frame clearance looks on par with older style Thermalright fans so there's not been innovation in that regard. There's conflicting information from the English site as the JD page states 1800RPM rather than 1500RPM and so does the English site's image. I doubt the speed control IC and motor have significant improvements as the power consumption is 0.35A (Arctic P14 is 0.15A @ 1700RPM , Be Quiet Silent Wings 3 High speed is 0.14A @ 1600RPM, Pure Wings 2 PWM with rifle bearing is 0.20A @ 1600RPM, NF-A14 2000RPM is 0.18A , Phanteks PH-F140MP = 0.20A with 1500RPM , TY-147 = 0.20A @ 1300RPM).



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