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Quote: Originally Posted by wirefox View Post
firstly...I'd suggest that you run ddu in safe mode, to remove the video driver and install the most updated one. I think that will help.

I'd also have you updated the bios and chipset, I/O etc? check here

other thoughts... you could be pushing the PCEi lanes. with 16x gpu, and two m.2 not sure how many lanes they take but someone here might ...(I'd research this to know for sure) the z390 has limited lanes. Maybe test with only one (your o/s) versus both...

also the aorus mobo's tend to load slower for me I have the z390 xtreme.... I'm on a sata 850 pro... but the bios itself seems to take time to load vrs my other msi or asus builds.

lastly. are you overclocking cpu or gpu? ... your psu should be enough, unless it's very old or you are overclocking a ton. the 2080ti can be a hog depending on your volts.

Yes I have latest bios, chipset drivers and such. That's a good idea and shows how stupid I am, didn't think to remove one of the M.2 drives. Only one of them is really necessary so I'll give that a shot. I'll also try removing the Soundblaster AE-5 and trying each ram stick one at a time.

My PSU is about 6 years old, so I'm not sure if that's pushing it on age. I had to clean it out the other day when rebuilding my PC cause it has tons of dust caked up on the fans / insides of it. At one point I thought I may of been a little rough trying to open up the unit, but ultimately didn't think it was that bad. I may just say to hell with it and go for a 1200W if some of these other tests don't move the ball forward, and if that doens't cut it then I'll likely take the mobo back for a different brand. I'm used to the Asus ROG Maximus series having used it for my last build, will probably go with that one.

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