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Quote: Originally Posted by tyvar View Post
1. This is only a 3600 at 4.2 not a 4.6 ghz part
2. What was the intel machine boosting to?

Gotta be honest a lot of those scores (except GTA) are close enough now that the story might be different with a 10% clock boost.
Really hoping all Ryzen 3K chips can OC an extra 10% at least (my 1800x does that, granted on high voltage, but still).

Quote: Originally Posted by Ha-Nocri View Post
It's noticeable faster than 2700X in games. And ofc it's slower than Intel, we expected that. The fastest Zen 2 CPU (3950X I guess) won't catch 9900K, but it will be close enough ppl won't care.
Eh, I think there may have been something wrong with their 2700X (based on other reviews of similar systems). https://www.guru3d.com/articles_page...review,20.html Take out Far Cry 5 (which is really low for the 2700X) and they are pretty identical. Heck, it doesn't seem all that much different from a 2600X (which is pretty similar to the 2700X in most games.
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