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With the PS5/XB2 coming soon, 7700k is soon running retro-gaming rig status, Anyone who isn't interested in the 3900x as their next gaming CPU doesn't understand what they're looking at. Running next-gen console ports and budgeting for a build is going to center around 8-core vs. 12-core [...the 16-core is more of a "money no object" thing]. A contest between getting 8 vs 12 cores is basically a redux of the E8400 vs Q6600, faster IPC vs 50% more cores question. The Q6600 won that long term even w/o overclocking and the difference in single core performance was significantly larger.

When do the 12-core gaming laptops come out? [...don't I wish.]

Can anyone explain to me why MSI needs our laptops back on top of the wholesale price they're already more or less recouping from us with their GT72(s)/GT80(s) trade in program? MSI isn't a company you can trust!
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