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Quote: Originally Posted by VeritronX View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Qu1ckset View Post
I’️m using 240+360rad to cool my [email protected]+MOSFETs + 1080ti temps under load are CPU:55c-58c and GPU:52-55c.

I’️m planning on upgrading to either 3900x or 9900ks depending on which is better gaming, and possibly adding a second 1080ti

Are my temps going to increase by large margin ? I really don’️t want to switch my 240rad for 360 as I don’️t like the look of the route I’️d have to do for the tubing.
Just changing from an overclocked 4790K with it's mosfets being cooled to an overclocked 3900X without mosfets being cooled should be within +/- 10W and shouldn't make a noticable difference to temps, adding another ~300W videocard would make a huge difference to temps, increasing the water temp delta over ambient by over 60%. Even just getting the 9900KS would bump the temps up by a noticable amount, adding up to 100W more than your current setup if it also has it's mosfets being cooled.
Thanks for the reply , ya I’m going to look into replacing my 240 rad for a 360 rad.

I wish SLI was more supported!

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