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Quote: Originally Posted by Elrick View Post
I started out as a "Leftie" but eventually switched over to the other side.

No regrets whatsoever because this is after all the RIGHTie world of play here. Knew that one day the Right's will kill off all Leftie's hence was better off changing arms than sticking with a dying decision to remain on the left side.

Not fair I know, but this is the World we are all currently forced to live in. Until that changes, you are forced to adapt or fall by the way side.
i played right handed all my life till about 24 switched to left and never looked back....im very left handed though my right hand is useless and though i miss keying with my left hand i prefer mousing with the left more...

i used to avoid fps games when i played right handed because i just felt like a i was no good...a friend begged me to play csgo so i ended up getting into it trying to improve and that made me switch mousing hands..

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