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Quote: Originally Posted by AlphaC View Post
It's a good thing PC gaming isn't where the money is being made with Ryzen (they're using salvages from EPYC and probably keeping some for Threadripper). There's so many people that are simply too young to remember a time when AMD was on top (Athlon 64). Those same people tend to be the techtubers and such. I don't know how AMD can shake the "value brand" stigma after being close but not faster for so many years along with the epic failure of the Bulldozer line.

Anyone with an impartial view can see that Intel is in deep trouble because people that actually use their PCs for more than just gaming at 720p/1080p will benefit from higher efficiency , higher IPC, and automatic boosting to max clock on all cores even on stock cooler (Wraith Spire was used for R7 1700 as well). That is not even counting the Intel security patches that haven't been finalized. If you have a 65W part on stock cooler at out of the box clocks even close to the performance of an i7-9700K/i9-9900K how is that not a win for AMD? It's $200 versus a $400-500 part which requires more cooling, a Z390 motherboard that isn't garbage (~$100 MSI Tomahawk or ~$130 B450 Pro Carbon is likely to run the Ryzen 5s), and also z390 has zero upgrade path whereas any half decent AM4 board is going to be able to go up to 12 cores and 16 if you have x570.

Before Ryzen 3rd gen Intel still had an AVX2 advantage, with Ryzen 3rd gen the AVX2 performance is double wide. The only thing that remains for Intel is AVX-512 which is very rarely used.

If you recall Athlon64 was to Pentium 4 what this Ryzen 3rd gen chip generation will likely be to the 14nm+++ Intel chips. Athlon XP/MP was already competitive with Pentium 4 as it largely improved FPU, also was first CPU to 1GHz. Guess who led K8 (Athlon64)? Jim Keller. Who had a large hand in the Zen architecture? Jim Keller.

Even before that the K6-III led in frequency versus the Pentium III although pricing was not a strong suit. K6 is credited with bringing computing to the masses , clock for clock matching Pentium II except when FPU was used.

It wasn't until Intel Core that Intel really was ahead.

Anyhow consoles are bought by people that don't care about the brand of CPU. Zen 2 is also going into consoles. For the first time in a very long time AMD CPUs are also being used in mainstream laptops and even the iconic Thinkpad rather than low-end budget models. Every laptop / ultrabook / all-in-one worth buying that doesn't have strong Nvidia GPU or an 8th gen Intel CPU with 6+ cores is an AMD Ryzen product more or less.

It was definitely a smart business decision by Lisa Su and all others involved not to market to DIY. Breaking into the cloud space with Google Stadia (people don't care if they don't even own the GPU), breaking into the Apple ecosystem with radeon GPUs (guess what people don't care about the GPU if it's Apple products), breaking into mobile with Samsung partnerships, going for cloud compute with Amazon AWS + Baidu + Alibaba and Microsoft Azure as well is going to help AMD generate funds for R&D. Anything that needs x86 still isn't run on ARM yet without work done compiling , which isn't always feasible for closed source.
I leaked AMD64 numbers a month before its official release. Put a 3200+ on top of the ORB too. Back then, no o/ced P4 could touch an average 3200+ unless cooled with LN2. I sure hope you're right and I want AMD to beat Intel, but that vcore at 4.2Ghz worries me unless AMD use the worse silicon on the entry level chips.

Some people do remember. I'm the guy who leaked the 3200+ scores back in 2004 if I remember correctly, put one on top of the ORB twice after years of Intel's 3D dominance. I think me and JCViggen were the first people to post the FX-51 numbers too.
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