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Nobody is going to develop for Microsoft phones without reason because they didn't hold high volume flagship or midrange status. If all your phones are budget or low volume then you won't gain appreciable marketshare. There isn't an ecosystem in place for its success, without features such as google cloud / icloud , google maps, and facetime (google Duo on android).

Want to pay for something? Where's the ApplePay, google Pay, or SamsungPay? Paypal was never officially supporting it either. Skype is on Microsoft phones because they own Skype. There's not an actual Discord app on Microsoft's app pages since they needed to use a port.

Android holds the highest marketshare right now because they have flagships such as the $700+ Galaxy Note / Galaxy S series , $300-500 midrange phones such as the Google Nexus / Pixel 3a / Motorola One / LG G series and Galaxy A series, as well as budget phones sub $250 such as Motorola G6 that actually aren't absolute garbage (particularly Android One phones which run stock Android). Outside of the USA Huawei has a substantial userbase. It's a full product stack from high end flagships on 5G all the way down to budget phones using TFT LCDs.

see https://www.android.com/one/

From a development standpoint iOS is the best option because the number of phones you need to account for is much lower and people can't download your apk files and pirate them. Granted the app store is much more controlled which may lead to problems if your app gets kicked off the iOS store.

Quote: Originally Posted by pony-tail View Post
I had a windows phone , I quite liked it , but the apps were limited and that really hampered the usability .
I definitely preferred it to my current Samsung Galaxy S7 P.O.S. I would sooner go back to a dumb phone , but I have already bought the Samsung and will just use it till it dies .Not a mistake I will make twice .
Just put an AOSP-based ROM on it (see https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s7/development) or strip it down to Android instead of Touchwiz.

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