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[QUOTE=Pendulum;28016230]The 3700X/3800X aren't going to be much faster than the 3600 in single core/gaming is my point. I paid $288 for my 6700K 4 years ago, while it was initially slightly more expensive than the 3600 that was also 4 years ago and my CPU is considered ancient tech at this point.
While I want AMD to dethrone Intel to break up their monopoly it doesn't look like they're going to do so in gaming performance quite yet and hopefully AMD can gain the lead until Intel can produce 7nm.

Your CPU isn't considered ancient tech. The days of CPUs becoming obsolete rapidly are over, for good or ill, and will probably never come back. GPUs are probably hitting that point now.

With silicon chip design hitting hard physical limits in what can be done, we may be looking at much longer development times for improved processors.

Lots of efforts will now be spent in optimizing chip layouts (by hand even) and software, to give us those last bits of IPC increases without ballooning die sizes, while software cuts out the cruft to run more efficently. Thats the future of computing technology over the next decade or two.

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