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Quote: Originally Posted by rolandos582 View Post
Hmm I see, yeah my ''gaming room'' is terrible. There's only 1 straight wall and that's directly behind my studio monitors/monitors. The rest of the walls are all tilted. Welcome to the attic ;(
I'm always wondering if foam/absorbers etc will do any benefits. I guess it could. Got any pictures of your setup?

Actually non-parallel surfaces are the best... since they delay reflections enough that your brain can easily filter them out. If you over-damp the room it will sound dead and weird (like cheaper headphones often do). You can always get a cheap curtain - the heavier the better - and hang it on a reflective wall... or an area rug will work too. I usually walk around the room clapping after adding absorption... if it rings, needs more absorption... if it sounds like your hands got really small or far away - you put too much.

I realized looking at those that the ones in the office are 2'x3' not 2'x4' - the ones in the theater are 2x4. Oops.

I don't have a picture of the full set, but I have some previous ones of my home office where I used the same absorbers (last picture was during leak-test... but shows where I added one of the other panels ( finally went with three behind desk and one on the close side wall, two on ceiling, and two on opposing wall):
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