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Quote: Originally Posted by pr0l4nd View Post
Sorry for offtop, but how long it took to get comfortable with playing left hand?
i think it depends on you really but for me i remember it feeling impossible when i switched i couldnt even move around a map or turn or do anything it felt awful like i had to learn everything again and it felt like this for months!

i used to play an hour or two left handed a day and then switched back to right handed so i could actually enjoy playing....so csgo 2 hours left handed deathmatch with bots to start lol it was that difficult...then some mmo right handed...i did this for id say like 4 months....many times i quit and thought f*** this i cba with it quit for a week....but then i went back and eventually i got even better with my left than right and i laugh when i use a mouse right handed now....what motivated me was that i couldnt find anyone at all on the internet who had switched only people who had given up...or been told it would take too much time THE BEST ONE WAS IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT HAND YOU USE YOU CAN GET GOOD WITH ANY LOL...i now do better than friends who have played certain fps from young ages....its a shame my hands are a weird size...really wide, wider than they should be for my length....21.5 by 11.5 and my hands are quite skinny too so like if they were fatter more of a cushion i reckon flatter mice like the fk might feel better...

it actualy got to a point where id be playing csgo with freinds and id get mad playing left handed mainly because i found using the keys with my right hand really tough you know kinda strafing and countering the movement with your mouse crosshair...i would literaly switch my mouse back to right because of how awkward it was...but now im like 10x better with my left....

some people are quite ambidextrous im not at all, i remember doing riot training when i was in the army, the batton we used you to hold in your right hand because the shields where left handed and i swung it like a girl and just couldnt grasp it but in my left i was as good as everyone else...
also keybinds are a nightmare...ive had razer blackwidow and you can remap all the keys so ive never had any issues....another thing is i bought my keyboard when i was living in cyprus im orginaly uk so its a foreign layout which is the only reason i can use the right side of the keyboard without any messing about

most of the other layouts have a larger enter key and this forces your hand away from the shift and ctrl......its the reason i cant upgrade my keyboard...

so yeah it takes time but if you just do a few hours a day against bots on games its frustrating but sometimes fun to watch your progress...and it feels good in the end...so about a year id say...for me...

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