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Future xtreme owner reporting early; will be pairing it with a 3900X; i don't have most folks' obsessions, so a simple all core OC from the BIOS (yes yes, i know about PBO-2-3-X) and a simple RAM OC with tertiaries handled automatically from the mobo is just fine by me
Cooled with air no less!

Since a rep is present, i'd also say that i don't care about integrated sound, killer networkzzzz, flashy RGB, sexy looks, or ego-driven "buy the best out there" motivations; i have (already i suppose) chosen the Xtreme because of quality, passive chipset cooling (longevity) and hopefully the typical Gigabyte high end mobo durability.

Will be a while for me however, waiting for Noctua's D15 replacement to come out, waiting to see what Samsung has to offer on the Nvme side of things; sure as hell not buying a Corsair product (currently at least the only option). Lastly, lol, i'm waiting for Sound Blaster to release their new flagship.
Mobo will be a day one purchase however. I've some complaints about Gigabyte, sure, but they're my first choice, have been for some time now ^^

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