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Quote: Originally Posted by HeWhoDared View Post
Update, tried it again earlier. Got out of range once using onboard display port via intel graphics, turning the monitor off and on fixed and I was able to see my desktop correctly. Second time after reboot, I turned my monitor off and on and heard the usb/display port sound but then when my desktop came back it was very distorted, text was not legible and my resolution was messed up using the onboard graphics, turning the monitor off and then back on fixed it and then I was getting 1920x1080 @144hz using intel graphics..

Now I don't think its my graphics card, it sounds like display port is not being my best friend though.. will try to reproduce results using onboard dvi intel graphics to my monitor and report back.
I have the exact same issue for months already !!
I use BENQ Zowie 144hz works perfectly with DVI port with ASUS GTX 1060 at 144hz refresh rate.
After change my GPU to ASUS RTX 2070 and use Display port cable instead (Because there is no DVI Port).
When I turn on my PC I got to see an asus motherboard running screen then after that either, "no signal" or "out of range" error.
This issue occurs at about 70% of the time.
I tried research this issue about a few months ago with no match but the closet issue got fixed by changing into a better cable. So I tried and didn't work.

If any of you know the fix please let me know.
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