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Quote: Originally Posted by hhuey5 View Post
SLS stuck the abort 2 ; spacex must prove they can do it
its like both sides are flip sides of each other
just hope SLS can stick their ISS automation???
Just FYI, SLS didn't stick anything, the Orion capsule mock-up for the abort test was launched on a Peacekeeper ICBM booster.

The Orion capsule has also been in development way longer than either SpaceX's Dragon 2 or Boeings Starliner, its a capsule with entirely different goals and not a competitor to the Dragon 2 nor the Starliner.

And the actual SLS hardware isn't even close to ready for launch testing yet.

Quote: Originally Posted by JackCY View Post
Yes yes more spy satellite junk floating around XD That's what we need. Great job.
Hurr hurr, there wasn't even a spy satellite on board this time, there wouldn't even be room for a "hidden secret payload" if that's what you think, spy satellites are massive and require almost the entire fairing to themselves.

What was launched was a massive amount of scientific satellites ranging from interesting to extremely important.
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