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Quote: Originally Posted by nvidiaftw12 View Post
I have a que$tion. Have ANY bug$ been fixed by Vertical$cope in the last thee month$? I $ee two thread$ in the re$olved issue$ in that timeframe, and neither were really re$olved. How can you tolerate thi$ E? I know you have little to no control, but I would quit in the$e circum$tance$. This forum WILL die if somebody doe$n't $tart giving a damn.
The problem I face at the moment is that VS is heavily invested in the development of the new platform that OCN and there entire portfolio will be migrating too. Now I certainly do not think that should limit the amount of due care and attention any one site should be given, especially when it comes to bugs that affect functionality and use. Granted we have to prioritize some of the bugs and the lower end ones I have chosen to halt with a view to them being resolved upon our future migration. I have made it clear in particular bug reports if no fix is coming for them. I am still pushing for a fix for this particular issues as it is of a high priority for obvious reasons.

I will be chasing again today for an update.

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