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Quote: Originally Posted by Cryoxic View Post
Back on topic, will the firmware be open source?
Do you have the final samples yet? It's been three weeks, and I believe the ETA for them was 1-2 weeks.
If you do have them, how are they? Do any tweaks need to be made?
Finally, you said the secret feature would likely be revealed (or completed?) about a month after the update. Now that we're closer to that time, can we get a bit more information about it?
I'm not sure about the firmware. I think some tournament organisers worry about people being able to cheat with it, although, I don't actually know how you could cheat with it. But I don't personally mind it being open source. Its something I haven't really looked into yet. But it can always be changed at any time, even once people have the mouse, I can still publish the code. However I do think that there might not be much point in it, because I can always add requests to the code myself, and it keeps it official.

I don't have the samples yet, its still going to be a few days, because it took a while to get the firmware from my engineer, I have now ordered the programmed MCUs though. After they arrive, it should be ready to go.

The secret thing isn't really a huge secret, its something that people already knew could be done with the mouse. But probably not everyone knew the extent. What it basically is, is free shell designs you can use with the Astrum, not just panels, but full shells designed to fit the Astrum PCBs. Because the Astrum's PCBs are modular, you can fit it into a bunch of different shells. You can move the scroll wheel, front buttons, sensor etc independently to make it fit.

So why did I say, no one has done it before? Because even though you can get some 3D printed community parts on Thingiverse for various mice, none of the companies made them for their mice. They let the community do it. Not that theres anything wrong with that, its just that its nice to offer some shapes to get people started. So there will be a website where you can download these shells, and other panels and so on. It takes a while to make a shell, but I'll keep on adding new ones, and there will be a community section as well, but the quality has to be high to get in, I want people to have a good experience with it.

I'll show an example of one of the shells you can download, this one weighs 63g, but it wasn't really designed to be the lightest. It was designed to be strong and simple, its designed specifically to be 3D printed, so its quite different in a few areas than an injection molded mouse (like there are areas where the plastic is quite thick). But if you wanted you could add holes to it and make it lighter.

I also didn't go crazy with the finishing, I just sanded it for about 30 mins and then painted it. It needed a little bit of adjusting but not too much. The clicks feel nice on it and its solid, I'm surprised how well they come out.

The dimensions of this mouse are: LxWxH 115x62x35.5 so its a pretty small mouse.


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