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I am not sure what fixed the Gamma options on the Nixeus 27EDG. I used to have the Gamma in colour settings set to off and any setting would change the white balance and would be off. Not sure if it's the latest Windows 10 Pro 1903 update of AMD's 19.6.3 or perhaps both.
Now I am able to use the gamma setting of 2.2. I just compared off to 2.2 and off seems blueish and 2.2 and all the other gamma settings seem to have the correct white balance. I haven't changed any RGB colour values just the gamma. I can't remember what got me to try it.

I think it might be from the way Windows 10 now handles colour or WCG. I know it's not WCG but it is actually over sRGB and going by TFT's tests is 107% sRGB. I think Windows changed something or perhaps fixed something together with AMD's supported drivers for 1903. Anyone else experience this too?

My settings on my monitor are;

Colour Settings
Colour Affect: Photo
Saturation: 50
Gamma: 2.2
Tempreture: User

Picture Settings
Brightness 50
Contrast: 50
Sharpness: 4
Aspect Ratio: Full
Ultra Vivid: Off
DCR: Off

Vol: 50
Audio Source: DP
DP option: DP1.2
Over Drive: Low
Low Blue Ray: Off

I used to use Standard before photo in colour settings but I can see it might have a wider colour gamut at least the colours look more saturated. I thought that Photo would most likely lock it to sRGB but to me looks more saturated. I wonder if both are 107% sRGB like the NX-27EDG v2 on TFT Central or if only the photo colour setting is. I can't test this myself unfortunately.

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