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Nothing wrong with that. I'm just personally sick of the black and red theme since I have had black and red rig for the last few years. Going for a mostly white build this time around. I will probably paint the plastic piece white and put it back on.

I have an Alphacool XT45 420mm laying around that I will use on my upcoming build. I wouldn't buy Alphacool pumps, but their radiators are decent. Hardware Labs are better, and if you can get them for a reasonable price, are the best option. The Alphacools will be just fine though. The only major brand rad I would specifically avoid would be the EK SE series.

As for fans. Most RGB fans suck or are just mediocre and overpriced. A popular option if you must have RGB fans is to add Phanteks Halos to any nice fan. Not all Noctuas are poo brown. Their Industrial and Cromax lines are black and have colored rubber corners. The Redux line are light grey.

Other good fans that are commonly recommended that I own and like are BeQuiet! Silent Wings 3 and Corsair ML series.

Curious, why did you get that Sea hawk X? MSI makes a Sea Hawk EK X that already has a water block on it... I assume since you also listed a GPU block in your parts list that you must have got the Sea Hawk that has a closed loop cooler.
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