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[OCN LABS]The Best Wireless Gaming Headset? Ft Sennheiser GSP 670 Wireless Gaming Headset

Hey what up people! I am bluedevil, and today we are going to be taking a look at the GSP 670 Gaming Headset from Sennheiser. Priced at $349 dollars, this guy should be a jack of all trades, but most notably, gaming.

The GSP 670 is simply put, an improved version of the GSP 600 thats wireless, as well as a style that’s more subdued, possibly for the older gamer. Now I am not saying that ONLY older gamers should buy the GSP 670, by all means if wireless isn't your thing and if the styling is too say “plain” than be my guest to look at last years GSP 600. But for those of you that hate the cable clutter, but still wanting top tier audio in gaming, than the GSP 670 might just be your next wireless gaming headset.

When I first received the GSP 670, I was taken back by the packaging. Nestled neatly in a form fitted, foam insert, the GSP 670 is definitely well packaged. Included is obviously the GSP 670, a USB low latency dongle, a 1.5 meter micro USB charging cable, and instructions. So not much in the area of extra accessories, however replacement ear cups and USB dongle, is available from various vendors including Sennheiser themselves.

Alright now let’s talk about the construction, fit, and feel of the GSP 670. First off, the GSP 670 for being a wireless headset, as I would expect to be heavier than a wired headset. However at 398 grams, the GSP 670 doesn’t seem too heavy, more meaning it really is well balanced, so reducing head fatigue during long gaming sessions is definitely a plus! The GSP 670 is comprised of mainly plastic and metal, but in all the right places. Starting with the split headband, which allows for more dispersed weight over the head, is a layer of plastic with two adjustable headband sliders which aid in pressure distribution and increased comfort along side a memory foam headband.

Moving down is the German oblong which is connected to a two axis metal hinge yoke design, allowing for increased comfort and mobility of the ear cup itself. The ear cup is made of an outer layer of leatherette with the inner portion comprised of a suede-like material, making for a very comfortable fit. On the left side of the GSP 670 most notably, is the famous Sennheiser bi-directional broadcast quality microphone. In the upwards position, the microphone is completely muted, but when lowered, an audible as well as noticeable tactile bump, the mic becomes live. Under the mic boom arm, is a Bluetooth pairing button, and a fast charge micro USB connector. Yeah I know, a lot of you are slightly disappointed that there isn’t a USB type C connection isn’t in place, but Sennheiser did mention that micro USB is still pretty common.

Moving over to the right side of the GSP 670, is more of the same but on the side is a game control volume knob, which I am happy to report, has great resistance. This by far is one of the features that a lot of manufacturers gets wrong, is placement and function of volume control, I believe Sennheiser knocked it out of the park with this design. To make things even better, below the game control volume knob, is a communications volume wheel. Brillant! Reach up and adjust the volume of Discord, TeamSpeak, or any other communications application without exiting the game.

So how about comfort? Is it too tight on the head? Is the clamping force overwhelming? Well thanks to the adjustable sliders on the top of the headband, the clamping force is whatever is comfortable to you. Also having the dual hinged yoke, helps center the ear cups on your head. This is by far one of the most comfortable headsets I have ever worn to date. The only complaint I have, is a minor one at that, is that the leather/suede ear cups makes your ears sweat after about an hour of use. However the flip side is noise isolation that these ear cups create, allowing you to get more into the game without distractions.

How does it sound? Well for a wireless headset, pretty damn good. When compared to other wired options, and even wireless ones, such as the SteelSeries Arctis Pro, and the Logitech the GSP 670 has full bodied sound. In gaming, while playing Apex, albeit I suck, I can hear the bullets wiz past me, shots in the distance, as well as being more aware of my surroundings. Now the GSP 670 has a “7.1” option while using the Sennheiser Gaming Suite, however to me, it makes things seem distant and drawn out of proportion. I recommend to game at the standard “2.0” setting, as the GSP 670 really is a true stereo headset, it just sounds the best to me. Music is great with clear notes from all the frequency range. Highes are clear, Mids are punchy, and the Bass isn’t overdone. All good things. The Sennheiser Gaming Suite, well, was a bit finicky until recently, but now offers pre-sets, an EQ, and a reverb dial.

The mic, ah yes the bi-directional microphone. While the construction is a bit on the chunky side, it's typical Sennheiser quality. For what it’s worth, the mic is of pretty good quality, albeit a wired headset would sound slightly better just due to the nature of being wired. Having noise cancellation is a huge plus, especially if you gaming at a LAN party or just have a noisy household like mine. For those of you wondering, this last section was recorded using the mic from the GSP 670.

Okay so what about the wireless connection? Well the GSP 670 actually can be connected with the included USB wireless dongle that totes a low latency connection, to PC and Playstation only. Sorry Xbox users. Also present is a bluetooth connection, but this would be more for mobile devices. Think of it like this, you are playing a game on your PC, your phone rings and you can talk on your phone with your GSP 670. Then when you are done with your call, you can swap back to the game.

So in closing, what do I think of the Sennheiser GSP 670 wireless gaming headset? Being priced $100 over last years GSP 600, the GSP 670 is a premium for sure. Having been my first Sennheiser product, am I impressed. While some would consider the GSP 600 and 670 bulky for gaming headsets, I would rather take the bulkiness for comfort and performance over RGB any day of the week.

Ok guys, I am bluedevil, don’t forget to like and subscribe if you haven’t done it by now.

I will see you in the next one.

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