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Quote: Originally Posted by WannaBeOCer View Post
Asus can confirm: https://www.tweaktown.com/news/59584...pus/index.html

AMD keeps backward and forward compatible with new chipsets while the socket stays the same. Intel kept the same socket without keeping culpability.
Not 100% confirmation, but ok, even if so the facts i said remain, whoever keeps complaining about intel's change of sockets, just don't know their facts, or are biased some way, AMD has had the same amount of sockets in the last 10 years, with the difference of having many less products.

Quote: Originally Posted by maltamonk View Post
I never mentioned AMD. I had a bit of disappointment with my 1151 mobo when coffee lake came out b/c they were not compatible even though both being called 1151. That's it..it has nothing to do with AMD.

Thing is everyone keep complaining about intel changing many sockets, when they changed just as much as AMD but for some reason nobody ever complains about the same thing with AMD.
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