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Boycott MSI Motherboards for deceptive practices.

See the link about MSI will release new "MAX" version that left us cold, https://www.hardwareluxx.de/index.ph...n-von-msi.html

I have MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon with 16MB ROM with lemon. I feel my mobo is kind of EOL, I bought it last year around Dec 2018 till now.

MSI release new motherboard A320 MAX, B450 MAX, X470 MAX with 32MB ROM Bios out of blue.

That is not fair for us and MSI insults us with beta bios with older boards “GSE-lite” ROM without warnings.

1. Misleading promise launch 7/7 for Ryzen 3000 ready out of box with stable bios, We still have beta bios.

2. GSE-lite with less graphics and icons that not what I paid for, I paid for with full features that come with. That’s lemon.

3. Raid function is broken.

4. OC profiles in bios is missing.

5. MSI failed inform to us in advance about 16MB ROM problem beforehand on launch for Ryzen 3000.

6. MSI knew it that we are screaming at them “Will new bios for my mobo and ryzen 3000 works?” all over place, MSI is lack of communication with forum users and keep stall with us.

7. MSI knew it about 16MB ROM limitation and quick make new motherboard MAX versions now with 32MB with fancy GUI.

8. We demand receive the compensation checks or swap all old A320, B450, X470 for new MAX versions with 32MB ROM for free.

Will you buy MSI motherboard again or different brand next time ?

Some people didn't care about GSE-lite, I do care that what I paid for.

I hope someone will file lawsuit against MSI this serious matters. Please spread this message where else.
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