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Quote: Originally Posted by Maracus View Post
Good effort! I have my 3900x coming in a couple days and wondering how my x470 Gaming 7 (t-topology) will handle 4x8GB (3600C16D-16GVK), also Looking forward to tweaking sub timing to see how far I can get the latency down. I will probably try it out with stock cooler to begin with then throw the custom cooling I have ready for it on once im sure this board will behave itself.

Also anyone tried BLCK overclock? Think on my 2700x I only managed a 100mhz OC before the NvMe drive started to **** the bed.
Thanks , all the best with your new purchase & enjoy .

100MHz is max BCLK I can use since went PCI-E storage, only with SATA have I tested upto 104MHz on 2700X, using lower RAM divider to say = 3600MHz+ RAM MHz and gain say ~4.2GHz+ ACB.

Quote: Originally Posted by majestynl View Post
Hmm good results! Also saw your other posts reaching 1600% with Ramtest...
I didnt find any time to stress test my memory. Will do soon. Looks promising for now Yesterday i was playing with PBO settings, got multicore boosting a bit higher but SC boost seems to be locking at 4.4Maybe im missing something, but again didnt had much time to play..
Cheers , 3K% in this post.
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