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[quote= Also if the price differential for a good board over a low end X570 is about $30-40 at best, why would you chance it?
The B450 Pro Carbon is $130ish and can run 3900X at stock but would you put a 12 core on it? If the answer is no, then the answer should also be no for the X570 Gaming Plus / X570 Edge / X570 Pro4 / X570 Phantom Gaming 4.

So is it safe to say I shall not consider any board less than MSI X570 Pro Carbon or Gigabyte Auros Elite for 12 cores?

I have an Asus CH7, brand new in box purchased very recently. I can keep it or return and get a X570. MSI have a nice promotion in which a AIO CPU cooler (Cooler Master ML240R) is given upon MSI Meg Ace purchase or ML240L for Pro Carbon and Gaming Edge.

Basically I can keep the Ace board and sell the AIO after it is delivered. This almost matches my CH7 purchase price. Maybe a little bit over it. If I get Pro Carbon and sell the AIO then it becomes even cheaper than CH7 cost.

I plan to use 3700X at fitrst but most likely switch to a 12 or 16 core Ryzen 4000 series next year. I dont think I need PCIE 4 as 4.0 NVMEs are quite expensive.

CH7 is good for sure but having latest chipset is also tempting.
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