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[Various] "Some" Reviewers Give Negative Bias towards Navi auth. by Nvidia

Additional information found. I did see it mentioned a few times calling a disconnect between the actual results of the 5700 XT and the recommendation for Nvidia GPU(s).



I will highlight this comment made on the video as it correlates to the videos.

Rumours have been circulating regarding NVIDIA paying reviewers to favour their GPUs in the NAVI reviews and after watching this again, it does feel kinda sketchy. Here he is not talking about the price to performance AMD offers where the NAVI cards are shadowed by him constantly talking about ray tracing and how AMD "is not quite there yet", but it is obvious that AMD right now 5% within NVIDIA being $100 cheaper. I have always been on team green and was about to by the 2070 Super, however AMD wins in here with the 5700 xt costing $100 dollars less than a 2070 super and $300 less than a 1080ti with performance within 5%. Ray tracing is the new technology that will be in mainstream games from now on, but right now the technology has not matured yet to efficient. Therefore, reasons to buy the RTX cards are not strong enough right now, buy this may change from NVIDIAS 30 series. When I first watched this video something felt off and after seeing the rumours I'm pretty certain this channel is being influenced by NVIDIA. It's a shame tech channels have come to this.

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