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Version 5.3.0

UI : Main window is now fully resizable
MONITORING : added Min/Max value colums in table view
MAIN : Improved license and .lang file detection speed
MAIN : Fixed a bug with some .net framework that are missing a particular registry function
MAIN : Fixed an issue where OCCT could crash at startup when no graphic card driver was installed
MAIN : Fixed a display bug with test durations over 24 hours
Translations : Fixed a bug where putting a corrupt English.lang file next to OCCT.exe could crash the app

Version 5.2.1

CPU:OCCT : fixed an issue where small data set might trigger an exception on some Ryzen CPUs

Version 5.2.0

CPU:OCCT : Huge update to the test
CPU:OCCT : Small data set is much more efficient and surpasses even Linpack
CPU:OCCT : Better support for high number of cores
CPU:OCCT : Much better AVX2 and AVX512 support
CPU:OCCT : User can select which AVX instruction set is used
CPU:OCCT : Updated CPU:OCCT's Auto rule for instruction sets to disable AVX in small data set for AMD CPUs
Translations : Added Dutch translation (Thanks Menno !)
Translations : Fixed an error where the included translation file in OCCT would take precedence over the one in a .lang file

Version 5.1.1

Generates simple crash reports when the main UI encounters an unexpected condition

Version 5.1.0

CPU:LINPACK : Better handling of "use logical cores" and simpler startup
CPU:LINPACK : Test is now more optimized optimized, Check it out !
GPU:3D DX11 : Test has undergone a huge update in this version
GPU:3D DX11 : Higher load on the GPU
GPU:3D DX11: FPS limit now works again
GPU:3D DX11 : added back sensor display
GPU:3D DX11 : Fixed mouse cursor displaying in fullscreen mode
GPU:3D DX11 : removed dependencies to old DLLs
GPU:3D DX11 : Fixed error detection algorithm on some Quadro GPU
GPU:3D DX11 : Fixed a rare bug where GPU:3D could fail to start
GPU:3D DX9 : Removed
UI : Fixed a few typos
UI : Number input checking much improved
UI : Fixed a bug where duration > 24 hours where not fully displayed in remaining time during a test
UI : Fixed a crash when right-clicking the title bar. Silly me.
UI : While OCCT is running, computer sleep (both screen and system) should be prevented
Translations : Removed unused strings and update to language files
Added Czech translation (Thanks Jaromir !)
Added German translation (Thanks Jürg !)
Added Italiano translation (Thanks Dendari ! )
Added Polski translation (Thanks Jaroslaw ! )
Added Romanian translation (Thanks Doruletz !)
Added Ukrainian translation (Thanks Arefiev !)

Version 5.0.1

Fixed an issue with CPU:OCCT small data set not performing as expected
Fixed an issue with CPU:OCCT not counting the cores properly in auto mode
Fixed a display issue with the number of cores used in CPU:LINPACK (it was a display issue only)
Fixed the overheating detection taking into account all sensor, not only enabled ones
Fixed the "Test progress" sentence not translating
Added Spanish language (Thanks German !)
Added Slovenian language (Thanks Jadran !)
Added Portugues language (Thanks Maxence and his girlfriend !)
Updated Russian language (Thanks Konorimci !)

Version 5.0.0

Complete UI rewrite ( material design )
Updated all tests to count the number of errors instead of stopping at the first one
Updated monitoring engine
Updated Linpack with a 2019 version
Reimplemented most things
Features are too numerous to be listed here - it is a complete reboot of the program

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