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Has anyone else tried a Ryzen 3000 CPU on an X470 Taichi (Ultimate)? I've tried both an R5 3600 and R7 3700X and I'm having memory issues with both. Basically:

- XMP 3000 MT/s = works fine
- XMP 3200 MT/s = "stable" but causes audio issues (I tried on-board, HDMI, and USB DAC)
- Anything over 3200 MT/s = won't POST

Given everyone seems to be saying 3600 MT/s is "easy" on Ryzen 3000, I'm guessing this is a motherboard/BIOS issue? This board is stuck on AGESA still. So far I've found two other people elsewhere with similar issues running either the X370 or X470 Taichi. Anyone else here have experience with this? Will I just have to wait for AGESA
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