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Quote: Originally Posted by Ne01 OnnA View Post
That's progress.
BTW If on LC the VII is an Beast, close to 2080Ti in LOWs%
So no worry You have Great GPU afterall.

and 16GB HBM2...
Quote: Originally Posted by pdasterly View Post
R7 is a beast and i havent installed waterblock, running default out the box, no need to adjust, very powerful card
yeah man i do plan on putting it under water in the near future, just gotta wait for the Ryzen 3 parts to come now, im still on a 6700K and doing it now wouldn't be good

Quote: Originally Posted by keikei View Post
Dont be too hard on yourself. Nobody expected such performance to come out of a midtier card.
That's what i get for not too keen on reading and doing a bit of research and just pulling the trigger on what's good at that moment

Quote: Originally Posted by pmc25 View Post
Well it performed pretty much exactly as expected and advertised, as opposed to what a few people claimed it *wouldn't*.

If you're putting the RVII under water, it's still significantly faster in a lot of games.

Though I doubt it will be as extreme as with the RVII, of course water OCs could result in huge uplift for the 5700XT too. We'll see.

You can argue it's not worth the price increase, as with the 2080Ti over the RVII. Keeping the RVII on air, definitely not worth it for gaming only IMO.
Agreed, it undervolts like a champ even on air tho, not as bad as some people make it out to be IMO, im talking about the noise profile, temps, and overall drivers headache.

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