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Quote: Originally Posted by AlphaC View Post
You're misled if you buy a X570 Gaming Plus because of the chipset fan. It's been shown to heat up at the power delivery (not chipset) even at stock with R9 3900X , so if you are looking at 12 or 16 cores forget this board and move up the product stack. For 8 cores it's fine, but you really have to reconsider why you are getting it over a ~$130 B450 Pro Carbon which has Intel LAN , WIFI+BT, and ALC1220 audio with TOSLINK.

MSI has a few promotions going on right now that makes their Ace board much more affordable if you want to go with MSI and are buying 12 core. I'd go no lower than the Pro Carbon for 12 core really. If you go with the Pro Carbon & 12 cores I'd make sure to cool it well as MSI R&D decided to cover the power delivery in plastic which largely negates the power delivery improvement from Gaming Plus to ~$250 Pro Carbon.


Nobody has shown what Phantom Gaming 4 has under the heatsink. Anandtech lists UP1962S or something from UPI, but that's a driver and not an actual power mosfet. Anyway avoid this like the plague. Asrock's presentations show it as a budget level board. For 8 cores I'd be looking at the $200 Steel Legend and for 12 cores with PBO I'd either make sure to cool the board or to get the Taichi (which in terms of price/performance is a bit lacking this generation unless you plan on 3x M.2).

Gigabyte's Gaming X is pointless if you're futureproofing as it's missing USB 3.1 , uses Realtek LAN, and the audio is substantially worse with ALC887. There's a massive step up from Gaming X to Aorus Elite, which is the cheapest board on Siliconlottery's QVL list currently and upgrades audio + LAN + power delivery as well as the heatsinking. It also puts M.2 above the GPU if you're OCD about that. If you intend to use your board for a long time the premium of $30 is near negligible spread out over 3+ years.

The X570-P is in a odd place as well. For a mere $20 more you can buy the TUF Gaming board which has 4 more powerstages , TOSLink for the audio (same ALC1200 codec), and USB-C at the rear panel for $190 instead of $170. Realtek L8200A LAN may be a dealbreaker for some people as it's proprietary to ASUS which is a pain for any non-Windows OS as well as for longterm driver support. If you want an Intel LAN that will be well supported in the future, then the lowest board in ASUS' stack is the Prime X570 Pro for $250...
Wow Alpha, thanks for the detailed response! I love this forum!

Re: MSI Phantom gaming
I'm just planning on buying a 3700x and leaving it alone for the next 8 years, I truly do not understand why PC gamers upgrade their CPUs so frequently. Any decent resolution (1440P and up) doesn't really benefit from more cores which is great because everyone needs a $600 video card every 24 months! The new game consoles will use a slower version of a 3700x so that seems like a cost effective purchase. If I decide to get a new CPU early it will be a minimum of 5 years, at that point I'll need a new Mobo anyway. The reason I need an X570 is for faster NVME and PCI-E 4.0 because I do as few CPU upgrades for as cheap as possible so I can spend all my money on GPUs. I figure 5 years down the road that GPU upgrade will need a PCI-E 4 slot. I don't care about wifi, intel nic or higher end audio... none of that stuff is relevant but a replaceable chipset fan is extremely important 5+ years down the road.

Great tips on the Phantom Gaming 4 and Gigabyte board, I'll avoid them. Definitely need USB 3.1.

The audio solution doesn't matter at all because I'm bitstreaming all audio to a high quality amp through either HDMI or Toslink.

I haven't had an issue with a NIC since 2005 so I really don't see any cause for concern there. I'm only interested in Windows PC gaming, zero interest in Linux.

You make a compelling case for the Gigabyte Aorus Elite, it's $40 more in Canada than the X570 Gaming plus. I like the NVME location, more ports, better VRM but it still only has 6 sata ports and I can't find a connector for the front USB ports on my case. Is it the ones near the bottom of the motherboard by the power switch connectors?

Why do these new mobos have so few Sata ports?!?! I have over 30tbs of data and over a dozen hard drives between my computers.

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