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Streaming: What should i do 1080ti sli......

Hello All,

I am trying to figure out the best direction on my next PC build. I came in contact with a pair of 1080ti's for dirt cheap when crypto mining crashed hard a few months back, I picked up 2 EVGA 1080ti SC OC's for $225ea, because the stock fans were shot on them and picked up water blocks to replace the shot fans. The 2nd card works, but not been in use because my current gaming rig doesn't support SLI and ever since going up to the 1080ti, my CPU is pegged to 100% when trying to game on ultra settings, so I've been running lower graphic settings to limp along my rig tell Zen 2 launched.

I am wanting to build a new gaming rig with the intention of streaming on it when I game, but I'm unsure what my best direction is on the use of the GPU. I've read that I can use the 2nd GPU in SLI, but at the same time run NvEnc in OBS w/ NDI and assign GPU 1 to encode, so it would help some when gaming in SLI, but also do the encoding side of the streaming. I have not run SLI in many years and I know back then it was hit or miss to get it to work, so I'm expecting to have to turn off SLI on some games and run it in others, but wanted to get your opinions on here. I asked this question similarly on TomsHardware and 99% of the responses I got were to sell them both and buy a 2080ti.... which I feel like would be a waste and not beneficial in my case...

The monitors I currently use are the following to game on...

Asus Predator [email protected] (165hz) monitor * Main Monitor
Seiki Pro [email protected] monitor *Second Monitor

I am thinking of recycling my old 3570k system and use it as a dedicated streaming rig and run the 2nd monitor on its own because windows 10 is so poor at properly scaling 2 monitors with different resolutions...
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