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Quote: Originally Posted by Nopileus View Post
If you can get above 10k gpu score in time spy with acceptable noise levels on air cooling you're golden.

In the end GPU Boost will temperature limit you to between 1995-2040mhz in the 60-70°C range even if you have power to spare,
only way around that is better cooling.

Those are my findings at any rate.
Yeah so what is the average temp the cards run at ? My zotac "Extreme Core" usually hits 67-68 max, IDK if I ever saw 70s when trying to push it or not. They really are locked down, and hard to OC past what the factory set, aren't they ? Mine sometimes does 1950MHz, I think the average max is around 1875 in most games tho. Time to bench this whole machine since I have all the parts.

I dare not mess with my single GPU BIOS, I'm too poor.

1 thing that really annoys me is the fan control on mine, won't let me turn the way down under 29%. And in MSI:AB I can't setup a custom fan profile, IDK if it's blocked or just not supported.

Also I used to think this thing's fan's are quiet, but around 50-60% it has a bad rattle or something. I wonder if that's grounds for RMA ? God forbid I try fixing it or modding it myself and somehow void the warranty in a real emergency.

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