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The good news is, almost hit 5000 just with tighter timings. The bad news is, apparently the latest BIOS 3.43 for this board is only AGESA and it seems as though the memory speeds are locked to the XMP profile on this release (so I am reading) myself and pretty much anyone else can't go above XMP speeds or voltage or the system refused to post. Certainly seems like a lock of some kind, because I'm talking nano-hairs above.
I'm holding above 4.2 on all cores, no dips in a full Cinebench run, 4.525 peak on less cores. This is with minimum LLC and -.8xxx CPU offset, fixed 1.025 SOC, minimum LLC. Temps maxing out at 63c.

So think is pretty close to the best I can do until ASRock pulls head out of ass and gets an AGESA from this decade released. This beats my 2600X by 63%, same board, same memory (was benching at 3400 on 2600X, same timings), same cooling. That's not to shabby for 2/4 cores/threads more. I think 65% better can be expected once I can open up the memory OC.
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