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Quote: Originally Posted by Drewminus View Post
The more I think about this, the less sold on the concept I am. Sure direct die's better, whatever, but I can't figure out how this "jet cooling" will be any better. To achieve higer flow velocity in their water block they must be restricting the flow, so I just cannot imagine how higher flow rates vs slower but more liquid produces significanty better results. I'm also pretty suss on water achieving a transfer coefficient of 500,000 w/m2 K. It's been a while since I've done physics so I'm not going to math it out, but nothings really adding up for me here.
The boundary effect is pretty limiting on heat transfer. This is why turbulence is so beneficial in water blocks. A jet into a surface is better than most other techniques, this is why normal water blocks use jet plates and similar too.

A jet directly into the back of the die is pretty ideal, I am not sure about 500,000 W/m² but it is going to be better than microchannels without the jets.
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