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I think Im going to patent an air cooler on the same design. Why have a large bulky air cooler when you can use an air compressor that blasts microjets of air directly onto the die. Much safer than water as well. Im sure air at 0.024 W/mk thermal conductance doesnt need much surface area just like water at 0.6 w/mk doesnt need much surface area when cooling hot spots on die. Traditional thinking of a large copper air cooler spreading heat instantly at 400 w/mk to 1000's times surface area via fins before attempting to transfer heat at a very slow pace of 0.024 W/mk for air... that is all nonsense, just like waterpins/channels doing same for waterblocks is all nonsense. The real issue is this added copper material preventing air from directly hitting the die.

My air compressor will also replace that water cooling jet as well, because water isnt the final heat dissipation, air is via the radiator. That water and radiator using that surface area myth again...

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