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This isn't a "10x" improvement, at best it's about 2.5x what we have now because what we have now is a narrow little line of fins with centripetal flow going through a well against the center of the die; if you look inside these water coolers we have they're either the "flat block fin" or the crescent flow of closed loop kits.

The truth is that even jets against the cooling plate don't work well because of turbulence and effect, once the jet leaves the aperture there's no guarantee of laminar flow and it just becomes a mess of cooled water mixing with hot water and all of it flowing sideways out of the system.

Fluted conical pins extending up from the block's heat spreader that have flow coming down them actually works quite a bit better: the flow stays laminar down the flutes and is in contact with the metal the whole way producing a flow that then jets out to the sides, a mild cupping at the base of the conical pins which turns the flow back up (cupped around to the cups around all the other fluted pins) *would* actually produce a much better contact solution. But now we're delving into the range of "fuxit, lets just use a $150 air conditioner's components and jet actual refrigerant onto the plate" territory.

Water cooling is good for what it's good for but if you want real super high performance cooling you need to go ahead and use a compressor system with refrigerant in a closed loop. My $136 window unit behind me is 450w consumption and can move 5000btu out the window, a 250w processor isn't gonna produce more than about 600btu of heat. The unit could easily keep my computer frosty if I piped refrigerant up to heatsinks on the CPU/GPU and had a little ambient cooling system inside the case.. I could even hermetically seal the puppy and run closed loop.

Seriously, water just isn't worth the hassle.
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