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Quote: Originally Posted by wheatpaste1999 View Post
Sounds like it's all connected correctly. Hubby7 shouldn't make any difference, as it looks like Aquasuite sees the Farbwerk360 just fine.

In your image, all of your LED controllers only go out to the 15th LED. Have you tried stretching this out to LED 90 (hover over the edge with your mouse and drag the LED controller bar), just to eliminate that variable? It's completely possible that the LEDs for your fans are not within the range of LEDs that the controller is setup for (in this case LEDs 1-15 only).

I would also make the LED controller active for all profiles 1-4, just to troubleshoot and eliminate variables until you can get the base functionality sorted out.

Other than that,I don't see any other option but to get an RMA on the Farbwerk360.

I tried to put it up to 90 LEDs, but they don't turn on anyway

Could there be a specific interval, in which the LEDs light up, or nothing changes?

I also tried disconnecting it and the factory reset, but nothing has changed

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