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Need to Set Timings for Stability??


Ryzen 2600X
Gigabyte Mobo with X470
2 x 8 GB CORSAIR Vengeance 3100
650 watt Corsair PSU

What I have tried:
- Set timings to get 3000 mhz, both auto and manual settings, cause BSOD on start / Win doesn't load reliably. I saved the profile in case I need to go back to it. This was voltage increase and manual timings. That's all.
- CPU currently is on auto OC to about 4 GHz.

Set to to BIOS default, 2133, stock voltage, etc. Everything stock. SOMETIMES get BSOD on start, most of the time no. Every rare moment, crashes with BSOD.

From what I've been reading here, hitting 3000 on the RAM does very little. So mostly interested in stability.

I use this machine for everything from video editing to *guess what* and it has been great bang for the buck..

Will be adding a Radeon card, maybe a Vega 56.. maybe.. Got a group cranked out to play Borderlands 3 at 1440P. I don't want any lag. AMD is hooked on this heh.


I don't want to start a war here!
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