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Quote: Originally Posted by feznz View Post
direct die cooling will never work unless you start pumping liquid metal.
The is a reason for an IHS (integrated heat spreader)is there, the thermal conductivity simply is not enough for any known liquid feasible to transfer the heat directly off the die.
This is simply not true. In the paper you link they suggest the highest thermal transfer using direct Water Jet Impingement.

Quote: Originally Posted by feznz View Post
But if this was a great idea not too sure why when it was first talked about 15 years ago it isn't mainstream now I think the biggest obstacle was the jets becoming blocked with foreign matter.
Because it was unnecessary and too expensive? Using some decently clean DI water should be fine, the jets do not need to be that small. We probably do not need the super small versions that paper talks about.

Also, is your point that it doesn't work due to thermal transfer or that the jets clog? If it doesn't work in the first place, due to poor thermal transfer, I don't see how the jets clogging is an obstacle.
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